Since there’s no profile-type things on here I figured I’d just go ahead and make one!

If for some weird reason you want to send a message my way, you can do so here mail-wise, or hit me up on Twitter now that I’m twatting occasionally...or even the oft-maligned Facebook here if you’re particularly interesting. :)

I’m currently on the job market and looking for a challenge, probably in the Data/Visualization world but I could see getting into all sorts of things (this may be obvious.

If you’d like to find a way to give me money to do amazing things, here is my resume’. :)


Over the last few months I’ve taken up writing articles on whatever subjects flit through my mind, and here’s a bit of a semi-organized selection.

I’m starting to move them over to Brains are fun! where it’ll all be much prettier in their v2.0 lives, but for the time being this will be the most comprehensive collection.


Writing about critters that are awesome

(Nature’s kind of been my therapy the last few years, and it’s a good time to be curious.)


Scientists Discover Octokittens!


The Amazing Cuddlefish

Cloney, the Tiniest Puppy


Spider wants Nom Friend for Tooth Hugs, Adorable Scuffle Ensues.

Murder Beetles

Boy Eats Girl: The Very Bad life cycle of a Very Strange wasp.

The Terrifying Lives and Times of Tiny Creatures.

And in development: Innermore, the epic Sci-Fi (and Fantasy) tale of life on Earth


Inventing things that should have already been invented

Better than Police: The Overpowerdorable Teddy Bear Herder


The Incredible, Inevitable, Wearable Holodeck,

Using a corporation to rewrite the planet in 5 easy steps.

The Monkey/Baby Thought Translator

Coming up: A living Storygame, A plan to cripple the four horsemen (my life’s goal)


Finding strange ways to make things enjoyable.

Making ‘The Thing’ Scary.


Fixing Interstellar (Is TARS Robot Space Jesus or was the whole thing a Ghost Story?) (In progress)

Midi-chlorians are actually kind of awesome. (In progress)

In Age of Ultron, Thor finally finds somebody who can ‘Lift his Hammer’


Coming up: These tend to be kinda bursty. Any ideas?

And sometimes, just rants or thoughts.

The Tale of Fermi and the Primal Need for the Paradox that never was.

The True Story of how we created All Our Heavens in the Future.

‘Squee’,’Helping’,’Nom’, and Evolution.

I’m suspecting many more of these are coming soon!