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Don't let your awesome articles fade away! A Call to Collaborate.

Hi again all! I’ve been a bit quiet of late while I was starting a new job and plotting to take over the world and such. Hope everyone’s been having a grand old time!

I love the amazing articles I see here on O-deck and Whitenoise and Clashtock and TAY and elsewhere, and it kind of makes me sad sometimes that these moments of brilliance appear for a day or so and then fade away forever, especially given the spectacular quality of some of your work.


I was dabbling with exploring a few other communities, but quickly realized I liked the vibe here quite a bit and was kind of attached, so I started exploring other options. I was tempted to wait a few more years, but the Kinja folks have made it clear that they’re not upgrading their platform anymore (which is totally cool, it just means we have to adapt, right?)

So...here’s the idea.

What if, after posting articles here, they didn’t scroll off into the sunset? What if we had a way to collect them, organize them, and even give them a second life at times?

Even better, what if we could even collaborate on articles together, co-author, edit, and bring out the best in each other? I know I’d love to have some help there and am more than happy to add a second set of eyes.

There are a few ways to do this, but I’d been dabbling with a site that seems nicely designed for just that purpose and I didn’t even realize half of it’s capabilities. I’m sure y0u’ve all seen articles pop up from Medium.com ... but I didn’t know they could do publications as well!


I hacked this together and made a little publication ( It’s ‘Brains are Fun!’ for the curious), and I’ll start off by saying that I’d love some help and I share well with others. (heck, everything I’ve done could use a rewrite, I’m not proud!)


But I’m thinking about something bigger. (Because...me!)

What if everybody could still post all their nifty bits of genius, but for the brave/eager to share once an article’s vanished and hasn’t gotten mainpaged or anything we use the handy little import tool to suck ‘em over to publications that we make for just that purpose?


We can have articles in more than one pub, we can have a pub just for Doctor Who, we can have one just for reviews in general. There are lots and lots of options (it’s easy to have multiple publication editors and such)

Then not only can all the genius you guys put together get a second life, but when I want to read up on Jessica Jones or Daredevil there’ll maybe be a special pub that isn’t just doing the most recent ones but has a whole collection of them for me to read in order as I work through the shows, or that share the insights of multiple authors...or any number of other things.


I think it’s a win-win-win. Kinja gets their first wave of clicks, we can have something more substantial for our best work, we can make cool new friends and improve our game...and...

It’s not like Medium is a dead end, it has its own mechanisms for upvoting articles and such. If we get popular, then we can send people back to these communities, right? That gives Gawker more initial clicks but also gives us more friends and ego boosts and various other things that we all enjoy at different levels.


I know there are a lot of new people here, and a lot of old curmudgeons too...but it makes me sad to know that I’ll never get the chance to appreciate half of the awesomeness here and I freely admit part of this is a way for me to have all of that organized in a way where I can truly appreciate it.

But I’m sure a lot of you see some of the other potentials as well. It’s not a perfect approach, but it’s amazing what an imperfect approach with a lot of energy can provide, and I’d love to give it a shot.


So...anybody want to give me a hand? I’ve never really been the solo act type!

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