Hi folks! This is the promised outline-in-progress for what will be a living ‘Interstellar was Brilliant!’ project that can branch into other missed opportunities.

Anybody can add a segment (assuming a reasonably decent quality, of course..but of almost any length and complexity), and we can move their positions around over time, in fact if my initial ideas get buried in everyone else’s that’s kind of a win for me.

It’ll help if you hit the above page and also the Fixing Bad Ideas process page if you haven’t already, they establish the general concept.

I’ll be throwing all the story-segments mentioned so far together and be done in a couple of weeks. We can add new segments at any time (that anybody does, not just me!) so there’s no rush or anything! I’m just setting the stage, from there it’ll be pretty easy to riff off of :)


It’s a bit different from the original ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ idea, this is more ‘the gypsy in Ultima asking you questions and then determining your class’, but I think it works a lot better and makes it a LOT easier to just add a whole new theory by modifying a link. :)

I’ll be linking the pages as they’re finalized but leaving them all on my personal blog so it doesn’t clutter anything up, and then when it’s all done we’ll throw just the first page up on the Observation Deck. If anybody has any fun movies/concepts to walk across from there I’d love to hear them!


Page 1

I take it all back. Interstellar was brilliant!

Introduce concept.

(Emphasize ‘It’s nifty if whoever wrote it also agrees, but that’s not all that important’ mind hack)


What would you change about Interstellar if you could?

  • I’d make it all have made sense the way it was intended. [Page 2]
  • I’d make it more scientifically accurate (as advertised) [Page 3]
  • I’d pull out all the stops! [Page 4]

Page 2

... it made sense the whole time!

Seriously, there’s no way to make that movie plausible or logically consistent. I’m sorry, that’s what Hollywood does to ideas.


(more stuff)

How does reality bend to make it all make sense?

  • Maybe it was all a dream? [Page 6]
  • Okay, I won’t ask for miracles! But let’s try to make it a bit more sci-fi! [Page 3]
  • Let’s get really creative, this movie needs it. [Page 4]

Page 3

... even the science can almost be saved

Almost! Most of the worst parts had nothing to do with the astronomy, but once we’re done it’ll be far better than most of what you get to see.


How do we save it?

  • Perhaps it’s about TARS, 100% Spacetime Hero! [Page 7]
  • Perhaps Tommy is actually 5th dimensional future terrorist? [Page 8]
  • Let’s add more strange! [Page 4]

Page 4

... the hidden whoa

(Intro, mention sticking to above rules, just taking things a bit further)

  • Oh! TARS is a Time Lord! [Page 9]
  • Or maybe it’s about Tommy trying desperately to devour Murphy’s soul? [Page 5]
  • Time Lord? Forget Interstellar, let’s talk Doctor Who! [Page 10]

Page 5

Interstellar was a Ghost Story

Updated version of Interstellar was a Ghost Story

[End, Loop to Page 1]

Page 6

It was all a Dream

Okay, now that’s just silly

(Unless somebody could come up with something?)

[End, Loop to Page 1]

Page 7

TARS, the galactic spacetime hero!

Standard TARS/Hero storyline from CYOA.

[End, Loop to Page 1]

Page 8

Tommy the Terrorist

Standard TARS/Hero story with Tommy as bad guy, more about 5th dimensional terrorists. Tommy as TARS as V’Ger (variant from above)


[End, Loop to Page 1]

Page 9

TARS the Time Lord

TARS as time mixed in with Tars the Hero (note: TARdiS? Just sayin’)

Wait, what’s this about ‘like the Master being the Doctor?’ (Doctor as Master) [Page 10]


[End, Loop to Page 1]

Page 10

The Master is the Doctor is the Master

Once we’ve collected a few Dr. Who’s we can make a new ‘Page 1’ for it, and so on.


[End, Loop to Page 1]

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