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Causing Trouble for the Forces of Good
Causing Trouble for the Forces of Good

This...is...epic! (Disclaimer: I may be a bit of a geek. We can be an excitable lot.)

The following video is the Sci-Fi movie I want to see get huge in the theaters, the tabletop game I want to play, and the computer RPG I want to obsess over all at once.


It’s not supposed to be that way, but it is if you watch it just the right sort of wrong way.

Just imagine that the viruses are piloted by something like the Borg and the tagging proteins are drones built to signal and act as a signal/staging team for the Recyclers...

I love how they rip them to shreds at 1:53 or so.

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It’s part of an even more epic video called ‘Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell’ by the BBC which also shows the cell finally getting overwhelmed, the tale of the plucky band of cargo haulers recruited to get desperate message to the other cells, and much, much more

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